Holiday Home

We provide affordable holiday home  at Puri. This has been a joint venture between Holidayhomeindia and SBI Staff Recreation Club, A.O. Howrah. We thank all our visitors for their overwhelming response and we thrive to bring you all added features and facilities in the future. To know how to book click here.



  1. Good Effort, keep it up.

    • I need a room from 14/10/2010 to 17/10/2010

  2. I need a room from 02/10/2011 to 07/10/2011

    • Please get in touch with 9830788403 of holidayhomeindia.

  3. I need two room from 7th may to 8th May 2011.

  4. I want a double bed room from 07.10.2011 to 10.10.2011

    • Dear Mr. Ghosh,

      All our holiday homes are already booked during the asked period, you can get in touch with 9830788403 and see if he can arrange something.



  5. i want three double bed room from10.08.2011 to 14.08.2011

  6. sir
    i want your holyday hoom, form 17.12.2011 ,for 5 days, req 2 rooms.

  7. I want one double bed room from 25.12.2011 to 9.12.2011

  8. i want one double bed room from 25.12.2011 to 29.12.2011

  9. Hi,
    I need four number double room for four nights five days from22/01/2012.
    So can I get that.


  10. I want a room sea facing for 18th Nov to 21st Nov


  12. i need 2 room 5 adult and 1 children date-16/12/2011 to 19/11/2011

    • Please get in touch with 9830947352.

  13. Sir,I required a double bedroom in december,11 for 5days.Please call me if there is any availability,mob no.9830760063

  14. SIR, I WANT 2 DOUBLE BED ROOM FOR 7 ADULT FROM 30/11/11 TO 4/12/11

  15. I want a room see facing for 19th December to 23rd December 2011

  16. SIR, I WANT 2 DOUBLE BED ROOM FOR 8 ADULT FROM 23/01/12 TO 26/01/12

  17. Sir,

    Myself and my father will visit Puri to have a darshan of Lord Jagannath on 28.12.2011 & leave by evening on that day to Kolkata by train from Bhubaneswar. Is there any chance to have a room for 1 day ? Please inform so that I can book early.

    Amlan Ghosh, Advocate

    • Sir,

      It is difficult to get room for a single day during Christmas, we would suggest you to try for accommodation near the Temple as the sea side hotels will all be full during that time.

      • I must give thanks to you for your early reply and good suggestion. Will you please give some contact numbers and name of the Hotel near the temple so that I can call them.

        Amlan Ghosh

  18. myselfand my wife along with two children and mother and father in law and mother in law will be arriving on 15/3/2012and leaving puri on 17/3/2012.if possible want sea view room .

    • Please get in touch with 9433165328 or 9331035550.

  19. Sir,
    My nephu was recentlly married they want to go puri on 23/02/2012 and stay
    upto 27/02/12 is it possible for you to provide one dobule bed sea facing room for them. if it is yes then i will send you the money through state bank as per your rulls.

    • Sir,

      Please get in touch with 9830788403.

  20. i need two d/bedded room from 22/02/2012 to26/02/ confirm the availability of the rooms

    • Dear Mr. Ghosh,

      We regret that all our rooms are booked during the asked period. If you want any alternate arrangement, Please get in touch with 9830788403.



  21. i need Four double bedded room from 28/10/2012 to 02/11/2012 (i.e., 5 nights & 6 days) . Pls. confirm the availability of the rooms

    • Sir, all our rooms are booked upto 07/11/12 in Puri, we are looking for additional rooms , please be in touch and call 9830947352 after two weeks.

  22. could i get 2 rooms from 21th of oct to 24th of oct.. plz geply fast…. tnx..

  23. i want 2 double bed AC/Non AC rooms from 1st january 2013 to 5th jan 2013. please let me know how to book the same and make the payment ?

  24. I want one Double Bed room ( Non A/c with kitchen ) at Puri ( preferrably near Swargadwar or Sea Beach )for our fly. of three adult persons from 19th Jan;2013 to 24th Jan’2013.Pl. let me know the availability and procedure of Booking. I am staying in Bangalore and will have to book from here.

  25. Sir,I required a sea fashing room from 08-06-13 to 12-06-13 for 5days.Please call me if there is any availability,mob no.9433075929

    • Dear Sir,

      Our Sea facing holiday home rooms are booked during the asked period. If you prefer some other dates or hotel rooms, please feel free to call us at 9830947352 and 8420424111.


  26. I want one d/bedded room from 13/10/2013 to15/10/ confirm the availability of the rooms and rate .three adult &one clild .
    my mobile -9874118000

  27. Hi
    I need a 3 d/bedroom rooms 4 day from 29/10/2013 to 01/01/2014
    Bijoy Kr. Chowdhury
    Mob No- 9330639049

  28. Dear Sir,

    I need 3 nos. of double beded room. for 3 days 29th Nov 2013 – 2nd Dec 2013.

    Please confirm the availability of the rooms and rates.
    Mobile no: 9874361951

    Diya dey

  29. I need an accommodation for 12 adults, from 27th December, 2013 to 02nd January, 2014, at Puri. Please confirm the availability & tariff.

    • Please call us at 9830947352, 8420424111 during office hours.

  30. i want a room in puri from 10th june to 14 th june.

  31. Hi, i need 2 AC. rooms do you have any AC room? Please tell me location of the hotel.

    • AC rooms will be available from October onwards. For dates prior to October, you can avail HolidayHome rooms.

    -NO_9831690921 MY EMAIL

  33. Sir,
    I am working in FCI and wants to know about hotel booking. Can I get the hotel room at puri holiday home or only specified staff member can avail this facility? Please let me know because I wants to know and accordingly I will be planned for visit.
    Waiting for your reply……

  34. I am Defence employee & need an ac room for 4 people from 04/11/14 to 09/11/14…… kindly assist….

  35. I NEED A 3 ROOM FROM. 14/10/14. TO 19/10/14

  36. Hello Sir,

    I need a room in SBI holiday home Puri from 26th October to 18th October.Please notofy me the booking details and payment email no:7829525777

  37. Dear Sir,
    I want to book a double bed room from 15.03.2015 to 17.03.2015 at purisbi holiday home for puri . my contact number is 9178187130. please guide me.

  38. hi sir!
    i want to know these rooms are for employees of SBI bank or their customers can also avail this facility?

  39. I will visit puri from 02-01-15 to 04-01-2015.
    Pl. suggest your best location and the charges per night.
    Thanks Mohapatra
    Mobile: 9891791790

  40. I would like to book 1 room for my family at kunthiya niwas, puri for the period of 30-03-2015 morning to 03-04-2015 night. kindly confirm me its availability for the mentioned period with the details of booking formalities

  41. I want to book a room with kitchen facility from 7/11/2015 to 13/11/2015 at bhajni.send me necessary details.myaact no 9434325789.I want distance booking as I am from the dist dakshin dinajpur.

  42. I want to Book Two rooms from 24/12/2015 to 28/12/2015 Please provide the information about available rooms on that date.I live in Howrah District

  43. I want three room from 5th March to 10th March 2016

  44. I have already booked your holiday home in motherdiary as room nos.101 on 22/10/2016 to 28/10/2016, please at least view as room nos. 101

    • We run our own holiday homes at Sea View, Konark, Bhajani and Sai Sandpiper and we are not associated with Mother Dairy.

  45. I need one room for 07/10/2016 to 10/10/2016.kindly confirm me its availability for the mentioned period with the details of booking formalities

  46. I need 5 rooms from 23/12/2016 to 26/12/2016..

  47. Dear Sir,

    I want a single room (preferably sea facing) double bed from 22/01/2017 to 26/01/2017 at near Swargodar. Please confirm me is is available and the price along with facilities..

  48. I want six room on 20th may – 25th may please call me at 9007917303

  49. i shall be very?happy ,if u kindly arrange one(1) three bed sea facing room on & from 16/8/17 to 22/8 17.

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